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Multi user accounts

19 Aug

CoolDrawPro now supports multiple user accounts. Enable the multi user mode and set up your primary account. Once you have a primary account set up, you can create secondary accounts that have full access to all features within CoolDrawPro

Tips to resize canvas and to clone areas

3 May

Visualizing Landscape Design with CoolDrawPro

3 May

Planning on redoing your backyard. Here is a short videoclip to visualize potential changes to the backyard.

Facebook Page

3 May

Please visit our facebook page for tips and help from other users of CoolDrawPro

Overview of the App

5 Mar

Here is a Youtube video that provide a brief overview of  CoolDrawPro. Sketch, import  photos as  a background picture or as a sticker. Annotate with text, freehand drawing and more.

Finally a blog for CoolDrawPro

4 Mar

Finally a blog for CoolDrawPro

Since launching CoolDrawPro on the App Store in January, I got a lot of feedback from a diverse group of users. This blog will document feedback from users and video clips of CollDrawPro in use.